Diana’s Dress Reform


In haste to get to the dance, Diana has trouble hooking up her dress in her maid’s absence. She asks father and mother to assist her. They are deeply engrossed in a game of chess and do not wish to be disturbed. Diana stamps on the floor and insists. When they do not comply, she upsets the chess game by mixing it all up. They finally do their best to hook up Diana’s dress and. only succeed in breaking off most of their nails and bruising their augers on the hooks and eyes of lovely Diana’s very tight-fitting gown. When Diana returns home at an early hour, she wakes up father and brother to unhook her. She has difficulty in inducing them to get out of their warm beds. They comply when she pulls off the covers and tickles their feet. The next morning at breakfast, Harry, Diana’s brother, sees an article in the paper about women wearing Greek clothes. It strikes him that it would be a capital idea if his sister adopted the innovation; remembering that Greek clothes do not need to be …
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