A Soldier’s Furlough


Private Robert Adair gets a ten days’ furlough to visit his mother who is very ill. She dies and we see Robert and Tom, his brother, burying their mother. Robert has to leave his brother and return to camp before his furlough is up, leaving Tom with Roco, an old friend. Roco, while en route to visit Tom, meets Jim, a squaw man, who asks him for money, which Roco refuses. Two of the squaw man’s Indian associates come up and he gives them some whiskey and secures their assistance in his determination to rob Roco, but finding two men at the home he tries to coerce the Indians into shooting them both. They refuse, however, even when tempted by liquor, so the squaw man shoots, killing Robert’s brother. Roco manages to get away and warns Robert, whom he finds in the village, where he has stopped for food. Robert, when he learns the sad news, forgets about his being a soldier and returns to the home, to find it ransacked and his brother dead. He swears vengeance and after securing the …
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